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Andrea and Renata Minciarelli

Parents of Gian Andrea Minciarelli, class 2024 committed to play for Mount Olive University, D2, North Carolina

We met Monica at the Mission Inn Golf Resort in Orlando in December 2023 for an amateur golf championship and we immediately hit it off.

We are Italian and we live in Rome and our son was looking for a university in the USA to attend as a golfer. Obviously, from Italy the task was more difficult and we relied on recruiting companies, but only with Monica’s help and professionalism were we able to understand the mechanisms of the university golf world, how to talk to coaches and find the right fit for our son. So thank you very much Monica for your kindness and professionalism and for helping Gian Andrea start a new adventure.

Brian Stange

Parent of Ethan, class 2024 signed to play for Northwood University, D2

I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for your invaluable assistance and support in helping Ethan Stange secure a golf scholarship for college. Your guidance and encouragement have played a pivotal role in making this dream a reality.

Your expertise and insights not only provided Ethan with valuable information but also served as a source of motivation throughout the application process. I am truly appreciative of the time and effort you invested in helping Ethan navigate the complexities of securing a college golf scholarship.

Brooke Morris

Parent of Brooke, class 2024 committed to play for Central Michigan University D1

We have known Monica through our Golf community for over eight years. Monica truly enjoys seeing all the students achieve their potential. Monica did everything she could to find my student golfer a great fit for both golf and academic futures. We are very grateful for Monica and the dedication to my kid’s golf and just as important academic goals. I do not think we could have found anyone that would have put this much effort into achieving the result we achieved.

Saanvitha Venkatesh

Collegiate golfer, class 2024 committed to play for Western Michigan University D1

We accidentally found Monica through google search and we are so glad to have met her. She is very knowledgeable about the process and provides candid feedback about college choices, her daughter going through same journey – she understands sentiments completely. She is very organized and helped me gather a list of colleges that fit both my golf and academic goals. She was very quick to respond. She also helped me prepare for calls and meetings with college coaches so I never felt like I was going through the recruiting process alone. Monica also recommended a tournaments to play and schedule that fit my college golf goals. She was fun to work with and it helped keep me believe in myself.

Brooke Bugajewski

Class 2023, Suffolk University Boston, MA, D3

Monica is very knowledgeable in the college recruiting process.  She was very organized and helped me gather a list of colleges that fit both my golf and academic goals.  She was very quick to answer our questions and reached out to college coaches personally on my behalf.  She also helped me prepare for calls and meetings with college coaches so I never felt like I was going through the recruiting process alone. Monica also recommended a tournament schedule that fit my college golf goals.  She was fun to work with and it helped keep my stress level low.

Beth Marontate – CANADA

Parent of Ryan Marontate, Player at Davenport, D2, Michigan , class 2021

We live in Ontario, about a half hour from the Windsor-Detroit border. Our son wanted to enter into some U.S. tournaments and so he registered into a few Top50 golf tournaments that were scattered throughout Southwestern Michigan. This is where we met Monica. She was one of the tournament’s organizers. As we got to know Monica more, we realized she had a lot of knowledge and advice regarding the University/College recruiting process, how to contact coaches, what information to give to the coaches, how to decide what college/university to contact and etc. Being from Ontario, we were not familiar as to how to go about applying for an academic program at a University/College let alone receiving a sport/academic scholarship. Since Monica’s daughter had gone through the recruiting process the year before, Monica was able to share her experience and guide us, answer our many questions and help us to narrow down what schools would be a good fit for our son both academically and athletically. Monica definitely helped us to sift through the pros and cons for each choice and find which best matched our son’s goals.

Marney Daugherty

Parent of Ethan, Class 2024, committed to play for Kalamazoo College, D3

From the moment we met Monica she was extremely helpful and motivated to help Ethan connect with college coaches. She provided Ethan with a list of schools that may be a good fit for him both academically and based on the golf program. Monica assisted Ethan in creating a resume and gave him guidance to create videos. She encouraged Ethan by contacting him and checking in with him for updates on a regular basis. Without her assistance we would have not known how to get started on this process.

Jackie Stassinopoulos

Parent of Peter, Class 2022, Wayne State University D2

We are so grateful that we met Monica and worked with her for the college recruiting process. Monica makes everything so effortless. After one meeting with Peter and finding out what his goals were she came up with a list of colleges that would be a great fit for peter both academically and golf. She took out all the guess work and anxiety of having to pull it all together. Monica was always available to answer any questions and to guide us through the whole process from creating the resume to talking to the coaches. It was a very valuable decision for us. Her knowledge of tournaments and the recruiting process was such an asset in navigating what direction we needed to head in. Peter ended up signing with an amazing D1 school and is looking forward to starting in the fall of 2022.

Angela Maki

Parent of Adie Maki, class 2022, Loyola University Chicago, D1

Monica is so enthusiastic to help, she is very knowledgeable and professional. Upon your first meeting with her, you will gain a huge amount of information to help guide you in the right direction! Definitely, the go to source!.

Karen Tokarz

Parent of Katelyn Tokarz, class 2021, Player at Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, IN, D3

I would highly recommend College Golf Drive. Monica is very knowledgeable about the junior golf recruiting process and is a valuable resource to help you understand and navigate through it. She has a very intimate understanding of junior and collegiate golf as her daughter plays golf at the division 1 level. Monica also has many connections through this and with her role in Top 50 Junior Tour. She has helped my daughter navigate through the process to find the perfect match and we couldn’t be happier.

Wendy Fanucchi

Parent of Vinny, Player at Chapman University, D3, California

Choosing to work with Monica Simoncini during the recruiting process in 2020 was an excellent decision. My son wanted to play D1 golf, and because of COVID many of the coaches halted their recruiting. We enjoyed working with Monica because she is extremely positive, organized and helpful. Monica looked at where we had started, suggested more options, and with expertise we eventually found a program for him. She helped us communicate better with the coaches via email as well as phone. Most importantly, she follows continues her relationship with former recruits to see how they are doing and continues seeking out information in order to help new recruits.

Olivia Rushton

Cleary University, NAIA division committed in 2022

When trying to find the perfect college for me, Monica was such great help and made sure my family and I were always comfortable in all of her decisions. She made the process of finding a good college so easy for me. We are so grateful we met Monica and how much dedication she put into helping us find a college. Monica is also very knowledgeable and professional in her job! Definitely a go to source!.

Adam Burghardt

Class 2021, Wayne State University, MI, D2

I am very grateful for having the chance to play college golf, but I am also grateful for one of the many people who assisted me in being able to play at the next level, Ms. Monica Simoncini. I had met her through the Top 50 Jr Tour and after hearing of my aspirations to play golf in college, she reached out to me and completely elevated the way I was looking at the recruiting process. She dedicated her time and effort to numerous phone calls with me, helping me develop the way I was attempting to be recruited. Ms. Monica taught me so many things I was not aware of about the recruiting process, which became extremely beneficial to me along the way. She always made time to have a phone call with me and was always checking up on me regarding my tournaments and how my recruiting was coming along. For example, I can’t count how many times I finished up with a tournament and received a text from her asking about how it went, or congratulating me on my success. She is one of the most hard working, dedicated and kind people I have met. In conclusion, she took time out of her life to play a big role in the reason I am able to play college golf, which I will forever be grateful for.

Max R O’Rourke

Collegiate golfer, class 2020. Wayne State University D2

To all high school golfers who have the goal to play college golf:
Without Monica’s dedication, I would not have the opportunity to further my athletic career at Wayne State University in 2020. The investment with College Golf Drive may seem to be very intimidating, but I can assure you that your investment will be worthwhile. Monica is an expert in the college recruiting process. From creating an appropriate playing schedule to signing your National Letter of Intent and everything in-between, Monica will be there with you for every step of the way. Do you know what AJGA is? Junior Golf Scoreboard? How to create a player profile/resume? Or how to professionally email a college golf coach? Monica was there for me to explain every one of those, and she will be there for you too!